Fund Raising

In the United State funding for arts education is being cut. Art classes are disappearing; arts teachers are losing jobs and students that wish to express their creativity are slipping through the cracks

Move Youth Arts relies on community support. Over 90% of our annual budget goes directly to teaching costs in this innovative and cost-effective program. We are seeking support from individuals who care about keeping arts accessible to ALL youth. Students will lose crucial arts programming without your help. We are also currently seeking funds to expand arts programs for 2012. With our goal of raising $25,000 from private and public sources, these funds could serve approximately 5,000 students in eight different classes a week for the whole school year.

Move Youth Arts has already been approved to teach at Juvenile Hall Tuesday and Thursday, A Unit 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. and B Unit 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. this coming school year. Classes will start as soon as funding is received. If $5,000 of funding is received the classes at Juvenile Hall will start. Total Students reached, 10 - 20 per class, 800 - 1,600 students in 80 classes for 20 weeks.

There is no current budget for this 2012/2013 school year because funding from the County Board of Education has been cut due to the State budget crisis. This is the first time in 5 years that we have not received State funding.
Please contact Move Youth Arts to make any level of tax-deductible contribution of ($10, $20, $100 or greater)


Nikki Moon
Founder, Move Youth Arts

Making your Tax Deductable Donaton by Check

Make donations to:
The 418 Project (Please write Move Youth Arts in the memo section of the check)

Mail to:
418 Front Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(All contributions are tax-deductible)

Thank you for your support and generosity in this difficult time for arts funding!